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Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Year Complete!

What started off to be a tough and very negative start to the school year for Andersen finally came to a positive and happy end. I almost cried dropping Andersen off at his last day of school on Friday. It was a tough school year for him. He had a challenging start and we had some hurdles to over come and a change of schools but he finished on a positive and rewarding end. I handed his teacher a small bouquet of roses that Andersen had picked out and he handed her a card with a giftcard in it. A token of appreciation for taking him in half way through the year and being very understanding of his situation. If Andersen were to choose a gift he would have preferred to buy her a charm bracelet with hearts.

I know I'll miss his enthusiasm he had for going to school. Enthusiasm I haven't seen him have since his first day of school. We did see one of his teachers from the other school he attended. She kindly said Hello Andersen as he looked away with no interest in responding to her. I know he's in a better place and look forward to the following school year!